Bruno is reluctantly making products for the public because they are demanding them. Bruno’s products were handcrafted because he needed them for his own use and to shares them with friends. Things that are functional and adapted become needed not just wanted. Quality of goods require high attention to detail.

Specification improving along the way keeping in functionality, proximity fabrication and sustainability of materials to serve usability.

Bruno has spent a long time cultivating and mentoring designers in his career as a solutionist, matchmaker, placement agent, teacher, speaker and all around creative activator.

Our goal — create usable gear and objects, bring in curated designers to enhance and keep evolving, perfecting our products. 

Developing, learning and promoting engagement with the design community. Bruno has worked with agencies, brands, conferences and events including: A Better World by Design, Adobe Type Kit, Design Observer, fuseproject, Yves Behar,, School of Visual Arts, Type Directors Club, typographics...copy in development.

— Karl Bruno Heine